With the CSS, it will allow you to maximize your space.  Keeping your gear organized and at the ready, not like this.

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Seeing how soldiers stored their gear, Antonio saw the need for soldiers to get their lifesaving and
expensive gear off of dirty floors.  So the CSS was born. 
He designed the CSS with one goal in mind.  Provide the warfighter with a tough and quality product to properly store their gear on.

  Antonio Myers is a former soldier and contractor who has worked in Afghanistan and Iraq for almost a decade.  Megan
Rizzo is a former military policewoman.  The two met in Bagram, Afghanistan and began Combat Support System in 2012.

Brigadier Gen. Ed Burley
Your system sounds like a great idea.  I can remember using metal hooks for the old vest, which scrunched
it up.

SGTMAJ. Calhoun
Thanks for sending us the Combat Support System.  We have it hanging up in our office, in a very visible spot and have had several people ask about it already.  Everyone likes the size and ease of use.

SSGT Campbell, USAF
Great system, everyone who sees it, wants it.  Helps when we are stacked 6 to a room that should only
have 4.

Col. Mike Zarbo
Looks like a practical solution to me.  As I sit in my
CHU here in Kuwait, I look over at all of my gear sitting
on a chair in the corner.

Capt. Dale Dye, USMC, Actor, Author
Got the CSS yesterday, Antonio.  I'm experimenting  with it now.  Looks like a great piece of gear and sure to work better than the two-by-fours
we used to hammer together.  Many thanks, D.

Kris Sutton
Managing Partner Shoot and Move LLC. Firearms Ins former U.S. Army Ranger 2/75
Law enforcement experience SWAT Special Operations

I was introduced to the CSS system a little over two years ago. Since then I have installed a system not only in my office but my home as well. The ease of the system from opening the box to hanging it on the wall is awesome. The ability to basically plug and play.
The illuminated strips are key and allow for better visibility in a low light environment.
I would and have recommended this system to numerous friends and co-workers and had I been introduced to a system like this when I was serving in the Army in Special Operations would have defiantly had this in my squad and team room.

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